Manitoba Wolf

Jun 5, 2024
The Manitoba Wolf (Canis lupus griseoalbus) is a subspecies of the gray Wolf (Canis lupus). It was described by zoologist Spencer Baird in 1858. Although the Manitoba Wolf is officially classified as a subspecies, many experts do not recognize it, considering it to be a subspecies of the Hudson Bay Wolf.

Common name: Manitoba Wolf
Name: Canis Lupus griseoalbus
Species: Gray Wolf
Type: Mammal
Diet: Carnivore
Current situation: Extinct
Manitoba Wolf habitat
Manitoba wolves live in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories.

Manitoba Wolf habitat
Its main food source is reindeer, but it also feeds on deer, beavers, elk, and rodents. 🐀

Is the Manitoba Wolf extinct?
Spencer Baird first described the Manitoba Wolf and gave it its taxonomic name in the early 19th century. At the time, the pelts of various wolves were highly prized and were hunted to the brink of extinction in the early 20th century. 🐺

Today, scientists cannot agree on the status of the Manitoba Wolf as a distinct subspecies, so there is no reliable information on the status of the population. Some have even suggested that the Manitoba Wolf may be extinct, knowing that the Hudson Bay Wolf, which lives on the same land, is also endangered.

The Hokkaido Wolf, which once roamed mainland Japan, can also be found.

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