Wolf Necklace (56)

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Wolf Necklace

Our wolf necklace series are the perfect accessories of anyone who wants to add a hint of wild and strength to their own style. Each necklace is made from high-quality materials, and is characterized by unique wolves, which is noticeable and symbolic. Whether you are looking for a bold statement or a delicate accent, our wolf necklace is a perfect choice. You will find the wolf necklace made of silver, stainless steel and leather, each with its own unique design. You can find wolf necklaces and wolf head pendants, wolf claw pendants, wolf tooth pendants and more.

Wolf Chain

Wolf's things provide the biggest choice of high-quality wolf necklace. This is an eternal jewelry, which is made of high-quality materials such as 316L steel and silver. This is a must-have accessories for all the wolf lovers and the inner wolf to express their desire for freedom. Discover unique pendants, such as male viking wolf necklaces, or women's obsidian wolf necklaces, because of its natural stones, it can exclude negative energy.

The wolf chain is an important part of many different cultures and traditions. For centuries, they have been used as a symbol of protection, strength and power. The wolf itself is usually regarded as a strong and brave creature, which can protect us from danger. This symbol is used by different people to represent their own values and beliefs.

In some cultures, the wolf chain is a sign of loyalty between friends or family members. It is believed that wearing this item will bring good luck and strength to the wearer. Links on the chain may also symbolize the bond between two people, such as love or friendship. Wolf chains can be used as gifts for special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays.

The design of the wolf chain varies from culture, but it is characterized by a central wolf head, and there are different chain rings around. Some may be decorated with symbols and colors that represent certain values or faith. Others can be made from precious metals, such as gold or silver, and may have a complex carving design.

Wolf chains are usually regarded as protective amulets and can be far away from danger and doom. People also believe that people wearing them can bring strength, courage and strength. Regardless of the design or intentions behind them, these ancient cultural relics are still a strong symbol for many people in the world today.

Wolf Pendant

For a long time, the wolf body chain necklace has been the main fashion jewelry. Many people now wear silver wolf pendants. This is a general gem and one of the most appreciated representatives of this beast.

This luxurious men and women's necklaces are the perfect gifts of all those who feel free. Who is cunning and who never retracts to achieve their destination.

Choose a rough wild style, choose a rope chain, or a leather rope with wolf tooth. Or, choose a casual style, choose a silver plated wolf design pendant, stainless steel chain or gold chain.

Use a wolf ring or leather bracelet to complete your shape and integrate with the spirit of the wolf. The perfect fusion of local culture and style.

The Symbolic Meaning Of The Wolf Necklace

During the ancient viking kingdom, wolves were considered a symbol of sovereignty. In this sense, the ancient treasures created by celtic jewelry dealers have been discovered: the jewelry on the statue of Thor's Hammer MJolnir decorated a wolf head. In addition, in ancient times, Fenric was a huge wolf god, symbolizing cunning and chaos.

We also found the symbol of wolves in many countries. For example, in ancient Egypt, it represented by the god of death Anbis. And in the Indian folk, the wolf is the essence of the tribe. It is a totem animal and spiritual guide with the tribe, and is the true symbol of adaptability, robustness and protection.

When the wolf appears as a guide animal or as a symbol in our lives, it means family, endurance, intuition, learning, sensitivity, acceptance, need to be alone, can listen to others, trustworthy and leadership.

He discovered and put forward new ideas. It is the ability to listen and understand while listening and understanding. Wolf has a welling desire, and is also an unparalleled teacher. He taught him the knowledge he learned from his life, his wolf group.

The wolf has a strong sense of responsibility for the family, but he also wants to be independent. The wolf is loyal, and he has only one partner in his life. When he howl faces the Crescent, he is connected to the spiritual energy and the knowledge of the universe. Wolf's howling between the moon is the connection between the leader of the wolf and his wolf group. He taught us to make our qualifications to others to improve their daily life and share our thinking process.

Wolf can reflect: lively acuity, desire for freedom, deep connection with our instinct, a feeling of threatening, lacking confidence in others or.

Please note that the meaning of the wolf is rich, depending on the specific regulations of culture and majestic beasts. Blog wolf, gray wolf, white wolf, black wolf or red wolf are not necessarily the same thing. The loud wolves and hunting wolves in the full moon are the same. It is necessary that you need to choose your pendant necklace before wearing.

What Are wolf necklaces Made Of?

Our beautiful ladies and men's necklaces series are made of high quality materials. Whether you like 925 sterling silver pendant necklaces, or 316L stainless steel necklace, black -plated necklace, or gold necklace, it will bring you elegance and wilderness.

If you like a rough style, we recommend that you find our wooden necklaces, semi -precious necklaces (Labradorite, agate, obsidian, moonstone, etc.) or wolf necklace. Regardless of your appearance and desire, we all have gems to increase your style and reveal your wild side.

How To Maintain Your Wolf Necklace?

In order to keep your fashion jewelry necklace elegance and prevent it from rusting or losing luster, we recommend that you limit your contact with water or any other liquid. It is also desirable to clean the silver jewelry with a cotton cloth.

Male Wolf Necklace

Jewelry and necklace with wolf patterns are particularly loved by men. The symbolic meaning of the wolf makes it an accessory with its deep essence and style. The ideal gift for him!

Perfect Surprise Gift

If you are looking for the idea of a woman or man's birthday gift, immediately stop discovering our necklace series, and is particularly committed to the theme of the wolf.

Nothing can please your spouse than a beautiful, chic and high -quality necklace. Our wolf chain will also make children who are fascinated by such wild animals.