Wolf Jacket (53)

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Men And Women Wolf jacket

Strengthen your connection with the spirit of the wolf and enhance your style. Our wolf jackets are made of high -quality materials to give you comfort. You need to take risks and find the nature around you. Resist all the weather conditions, adapt to your environment, face the most extreme climate and your wolf hat jacket. It is as warm and thick as wolf hair. Our wolf jacket is made of double -layer wool cotton cotton and polyester wool. In any case, we can provide you with the necessary warmth and comfort.

Its breathable material allows your skin to breathe while keeping warm. The design has zipper, and the jacket is easy to open and close to adapt to the temperature that changes rapidly. The adjustment of its wrist and waist allows the air to cut off the air, a perfectly wild spirit of hooded windbreaker jacket. Highly functional, your wolf zipper with a hoodie is equipped with a large double layer cushion wool hat to protect you from strong wind and rain. Two pockets on both sides of the jacket allow you to carry your most precious personal items with you, so you will not miss anything. A perfect multi function jacket!

Our wolf vest is the perfect clothing of all wolf lovers and adventurers desired. Maintaining completely free actions, thanks to its softness and material resistance, a lightweight jacket, suitable for any situation. Forget all the rain clothes, sweatshirts, coats, hoodes, windbreakers, pilots, sports jackets, windproof jackets, rain jackets, etc. Our wolf jacket is your daily adventure solution!

Wolf jackets For Various Styles

Whether you are looking for pilot jackets, raincoats, or wool bans, our coat and jacket series will fully meet your needs. Our men's jackets and women's jackets are both stylish and versatile. While letting you bear extreme temperature, it can also bring you wild and primitive appearance. Whether you are adventurous in a coat or wearing our locomotive jacket to explore the world with your favorite motorcycle, our wolf cotton jackets can provide daily comfort.

Ideally wear a wolf sweatshirt or cock sweater, and the wolf jacket has a stylish change, finding the jacket style that is suitable for you. Military jackets, wild artificial fur jackets or tribal styles, our wolf zipper jackets are available in multiple sizes and colors, such as khaki, black, gray, pink, etc.

With reference to our size table, find a sweatshirt, jacket and jacket that is completely suitable for you, whether you like to slim or ordinary.

Please look forward to being the first person to discover our new series. We often launch new products to keep our trench coats and raincoats warm.

What Are Our Wolf Jacket Made Of?

Our wolf hair coat is mixed with organic cotton and polyester by high -quality materials, giving you the best comfort and freedom of action. Our hooded coat is decorated with microfervy and artificial fur to maintain your warmth and protecting the environment and animals.

The interior of the jacket is a mixed jacket made of organic cotton to keep the body warm. The outside of the wolf's zipper -wool jacket is made of polyester, a resistance material, which adapts to your form to maintain fluid movement. An ideal anti -wind and rain ingredient, provide a hat raincoat for your day trip.

How To Wash Your Wolf Jacket?

To maintain the quality of your wolf jacket, we recommend a cold machine washing (30 ° C).

We also recommend to avoid drum type drying to prevent fur vest damage.